Dependence Day Ride – Confirming the Route

We have our first Advanced Class/Mini Tour scheduled for July 16~18, 2010. We rode out July 3rd to check the Western Gorge Mini Tour route. Amy hopped in the sidecar and my brother, David, joined us aboard his Harley.

We crossed over to Washington and headed up SR14

Road construction was halted for the holiday weekend, but it looks like I may need to find a work around for this leg.

We crossed the Columbia back into Oregon on the Bridge of the Gods

A short hop on the freeway brought us to the backdoor of the Old Highway and, eventually, Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls

We wound our way up to Crown Point

Amy, Me and Dave

After a lunch break we looped back around Mt.Hood

I picked up a hitch hiker near ZigZag, when Smokey the Bear hopped in the hack

Some of the route had Dave dirtbikin’ the Hawg

The Rhodies and the Bear Grass were in bloom at the higher elevations.

Dave “It is a dualsport bike if I say it’s a dualsport bike!”

Raker Point

A single lane paved go-kart track through the woods-perfect!

We dropped off the mountain into the lush farmland of the Hood River Valley

We had a lovely day of riding;150 miles of beautiful, twisting roads down through the Columbia River Gorge and back up over the flanks of Mt.Hood.
handsome devil

Join Adventure Sidecar on the Western Gorge Mini Tour July 16~18,2010