Scouting the BlackDog

Motoblag came up to Hood River to join my brother and I for a little scouting trip. I wanted to get a start laying out the route for the practice ride we will do during the Adventure Sidecar Dualsport Skills Seminar at the BlackDog

We went over to the fairgrounds to start our mileage count. From there we wound our way up into the hills until we got to the first reset.

Motoblag recorded the mileage and directions in a notebook for me. I will transcribe this to the rollchart we will use for class

As we gained altitude we started seeing more snow

We eventually reached a point where the snow was too deep and the road too steep to keep going

even though I chained up

I wasn’t making much progress

I had plenty of clearance under the sidecar but the bottom mounts were getting wedged into the ice and the shifter and left footpeg were digging into the side of the rut

the snow was too rotten to keep the bike up but too icey to boot pack or easily shovel

I chipped and pried the ice away from the edge of the rut with a shovel to widen a path. We were then able to push and throttle our way up out of this snow field

Matt and Andy slogged up the hill behind me

it opened up to bare dirt. This intersection was our next mileage check

This spur road was steep, dark and untracked. We decided to leave it for another day and head back the way we came

At the other end of the Road not Taken we stopped for a reset and had a snack and some hot cocoa

I took the opportunity to remove my snow chains

We took the cutoff from Fir Mt to Huskey Road. Andy took Matt for a little tour of the mudflats

We headed back down to Swyers Drive. We were going to return to the fairgrounds to complete the route, but I snagged the sensor wire on my enduro computer, tearing it off.

Since we could no longer record mileage we went home and cooked some lunch

Bratwurst and kraut, fried over an open fire

After lunch Matt and Andy saddled up and headed home