Moussaka hand pieI made moussaka for dinner last night and had some left-over filling. Today I got out the pie-irons and made moussaka hand pies for lunch.


Forcing the Greek pita bread into the buttered pie irons, I spooned some tomato paste over the pita, I filled it with the left-over lamb and eggplant mixture, topped with a bit of cheese. Once the iron was clamped shut, it was ready to be placed on the coals in my wood stove.  Moussakka pudgie



the first pie

I’m still new to this pie iron stuff and I’ve never tried using pita bread in one. The first pie was a little scorched but the second one came out golden brown. The trick seems to be frequent turning and trimming off the left second moussaka pudgieover bread around the edges before you put it on the coals. It is OK to open it up and check the progress. The finished pie was a tasty treat. I will be doing this one again.




Moussaka hand-pie

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