Poems & Other Lies

A Dander of Snow

Tiny bits of white fluff float before me driven from the east on the faintest of breezes but never in a straight line they dart and swirl here and there interrupting their descent to rise through their fellows and drop again eventually to dander the heaps and drifts...

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The Puppy-dog Thoughts of a Child

The puppy-dog thoughts of a child So evanescent, changing from moment to moment. So simple, so pure, so fleeting. Adoration, frustration, happy discovery Hunger, satiation, pain, comfort Sleepy, awake! Abandonment, reunion, Comfort, adoration.   When did these...

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November Chill

            One last leaf stubbornly clinging to the end of a branch fluttering in the cold November wind a memory of summer refusing to acknowledge the season has...

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During the day, I walk my imagination on a leash. Sometimes I let it range out ahead. It wags its tail and darts from scent to scent, sometimes pausing if something shiny catches its attention. When a car comes I shorten up and force my imagination to heel. But at...

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Seasonal Ovation

A sudden, prolonged gust through the oaks sets the dry leaves rustling like the applause of thousands of hands coming together rising to a crescendo then dying away with the...

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I walked past the elementary school just as the children were released for noon recess They erupted from the doors swirling and scattering across the playground The unintelligible cacophony of their voices sounding like the shrill chirps and twittering of a flock of...

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