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Throwback Thursday: Beaver Creek Run Part 1

Beaver Creek Run Part 1       Howard and I had spent all winter working on our bikes. They both had fresh paint and new tires. Howard installed a new magneto in his Triumph and hand fashioned stainless steel fender struts and a sissy bar. I had a shop...

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Too Hot

    A question which often comes up when talking about driving sidecars is: “What do I do if I get into a corner too hot?” If you have been on any of the chat forums discussing sidecars sooner or later you will come across a long thread discussing this...

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Serving My Corporate Masters

Originally published in Hack’d Magazine Volume 14, #3 Winter                In 1997 I was employed as a private contractor for Portamedic and several other companies which specialized in collecting data for big insurance companies.  I served my corporate masters by...

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Travails with Travois

5/2/16 Dear Robert, I trust you had a safe drive back to Salem and were rewarded with a warm welcome home. How are you feeling today? I woke up a little sore, mostly in the back and shoulders, but a half hour in the hot tub and a couple of aspirin put that right....

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A Liter of Beer

  As I rode up to the gate, I could hear the bands playing over the thumping rhythm of my ancient /2 BMW. It was hot out, at the high end of ninety, and I was overdue for a beer. There were campsites reserved for the bikers to the east of the stage, opposite the...

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Deadman’s Lake

You would have liked it. It was steep. It was steeper than Ruckle Ridge, steeper than Herman Creek, steeper than Wind Mountain. Steeper than any trail you've likely been on. It wasn't a casual "I need to take a break now" sort of steep, it was seriously steep. I mean,...

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