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The Adventurer, Vernon Wade

Vernon was born in the Pacific Northwest and still lives in the shadow of Mt. Hood, near the small town where he grew up. Vernon has spent decades wandering the hills, hunting mushrooms, camping and riding motorcycles into the remotest nooks and crannies to be found in the region.




fresh bear shit

Dave, Andy and I headed up to Pistol Creek on a hot Friday afternoon. There was fresh bear scat all along the trail in.


Dave arrives

Dave McFarlane arriving at the beach.


Walt and me

Walt and I were right behind him.












Andy put some beer in the creek to cool and set up a tarp on the beach for shade.












taco things

I heated up some taco-things for lunch on my camp stove.









Halti Laavu

After lunch, Dave and I got busy setting up our tents. I put mine in a clearing just above the beach,
























DaveMcF tent

Dave cleared some underbrush to set up under some nearby trees.












Dobby the house elf

Andy was going home after dinner, so while Dave and I set up camp, he took Oreo on a little nature walk downstream.












wild flower



shelf fungus





water ouzel












Andy conked his head















Once we had our tents squared away, Dave and I returned to the beach to sit in the sun.




When my brother and his dog returned from their meander, we fired up the stoves to make dinner.














Andy & Dave

We had beans and franks for dinner. Afterwards, we had a few more beers before Andy packed up and set out for home.







Cap'n Ron

On his way out, Andy came upon Cap’n Ron. who was piloting his drone. We heard the mosquito buzz of his aircraft but he didn’t have time to join us in camp, so we never saw him.

































night sky

Dave and I sat on the beach until it got dark. The drought had imposed fire restrictions, so when it got chilly, we had a night-cap by the glow of a lantern and called it a night, retiring early.
















morning coffee

The next morning we returned to our kitchen on the beach. The first order of business was to heat water on the stove so we could get properly caffeinated.





















making bacon

Once that was accomplished we turned our attention to breakfast.
























After breakfast, Dave and I got curious about what lay south of us, in the depths of the forest.




















deep dark woods

We found trackless old-growth. Where the trees were thick, it was dark and the forest floor a maze of deadfall and decaying logs.













making trail

Where the forest opened up, dense undergrowth blocked our path. We had to hack our way through with the machete.
























scramble to the creek

Without a compass, we would have gotten hopelessly turned around. Eventually, we made our way back to the creek.




view of beach

We followed the water upstream, eventually arriving back at camp.





















It was an awfully nice place to be, but it was time to go. We packed up our things and hauled for home.



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