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The Writer, Vernon Wade

Vernon Wade is a poet, author and freelancer. He has been published in The Gorge Literary Journal, Dualsport Rider Magazine, Hack’d Magazine, The Sidecarist, ROB Magazine and The Hood River News.

The world fills him with wonder.  When he looks at the sky he is lifted into flights of fancy, when he stares at the earth he is drawn beneath its surface. He is delighted to find the macrocosm and the microcosm equally mesmerizing.

During the day, I walk my imagination on a leash. Sometimes I let it range out ahead. It wags its tail and darts from scent to scent, sometimes pausing if something shiny catches its attention. When a car comes I shorten up and force my imagination to heel.

But at night, after I close my eyes, it escapes. Unleashed, my imagination runs wild, through a strangely familiar landscape, forms and time fluid and everchanging. I chase it to places I have never been to before again. Peopled by strangers I know well, and those familiar friends and sometimes enemies whom I have never met engaging in conversations we have had, off and on, for years.

They are by turns, perfectly normal, inappropriately seductive, intractably combative. They speak nonsense riddles with a clarity I find astounding and profound.

Pets long dead, now young and frisky, affectionately lick my hand. I search for something I never had yet inexplicably have lost.

All night I run, chasing my imagination through this serene and wicked landscape. In the morning I am released. I awaken blurry and tired. I must sit quietly for a moment, sipping my tea, forgetting my dreams and remembering today.

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  1. Anne Mitchell

    Awesome site!!!

  2. Rick George

    Superb. I love the idea of imagination being on the leash and off. Is there a way to “follow” your blog?


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