Last Night I Heard Your Voice

Unmade Bed

The Writer, Vernon Wade

Vernon Wade is a poet, author and freelancer. He has been published in The Gorge Literary Journal, Dualsport Rider Magazine, Hack’d Magazine, The Sidecarist, ROB Magazine and The Hood River News.

The world fills him with wonder.  When he looks at the sky he is lifted into flights of fancy, when he stares at the earth he is drawn beneath its surface. He is delighted to find the macrocosm and the microcosm equally mesmerizing.

I know you think I don’t miss you when you’re gone

and it’s true,

I keep busy all day long

and fall asleep before I get to bed.

But last night I heard you call my name.

I woke up in the dark,

in bed,


I reached for you but found only tangled sheets

I swear that,

for just an instant,

before I was fully awake,

I felt your


I lay there, drowsy, thinking of you:

of your breasts,

and the curve of your back.

The sly of your grin and

the dark smolder of your eyes.

But you weren’t there.

I rolled over again

and went to


Anthology Paperback – January 26, 2019

This poem appears in Naughty Nuts and Bolts, a Creative Talents Unleashed anthology, available from

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