Mortality Waits

General Wojo

The Writer, Vernon Wade

Vernon Wade is a poet, author and freelancer. He has been published in The Gorge Literary Journal, Dualsport Rider Magazine, Hack’d Magazine, The Sidecarist, ROB Magazine and The Hood River News.

The world fills him with wonder.  When he looks at the sky he is lifted into flights of fancy, when he stares at the earth he is drawn beneath its surface. He is delighted to find the macrocosm and the microcosm equally mesmerizing.

In the ominous gloom of predawn,

behind and somewhere above the henhouse,

an owl poses the question:

“Who? Who, who?”

The rooster crows again, asserting himselfInside, the hens shuffle restlessly,

murmuring their fears and discontent,

unhappy to be awakened before sunup,

with mortality perched just outside,


The rooster screws up his courage and tremulously crows.

The owl repeats his question, “Who?”

The rooster crows again,

asserting himself now

as morning begins to bleach away the night.

The owl resigns himself to a light meal,

snatching the life from a mouse

before retiring.

Mortality perched just outside

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