The Scrambler rear brake caliper is mounted beneath the swingarm, putting it in a very vulnerable position. I installed Free Spirits rear caliper relocation bracket to move it above the swingarm. I was able to use the original brake line by carefully rerouting it, but it was tight. Eventually I ended up buying a custom aftermarket braided steel brake line that was a little longer and proved a better fit.



















I also replaced the banjo bolt at the caliper with a bolt that has a bleed fitting on it. I bought a couple of speed bleeders from New Bonneville, but this fitting is smaller than OEM, so I replaced the stock bleed valve with a speed bleeder instead of replacing the one on the new banjo bolt.

As it turns out, the relocated caliper is higher than the master cylinder. You need to drop the caliper to bleed the brakes unless you are using some sort of vacuum pump so you don’t really need the fitting at the banjo, just rotate the caliper so the bleed fitting is on top when you drop the caliper and you should be able to get any air out with no trouble.

The banjo bolt with the bleed fitting was from Pegasus Auto Racing part # 3242-022 10mm x 1.25 thread. This does not come with the crush washers required to seal the banjo fitting.

The Speed Bleeder was from New Bonneville the NB item # SB8125L This fits the OEM Triumph bleed fitting. It does not fit the bleed fitting on the Pegasus banjo bolt, which is smaller.



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