Walter, Andy and I decorated a random tree out in the woods on Solstice Day. The  snow was deep and it took us several attempts to get up the ridge. We tried Pinemont Road and I got stuck.Stuck Triumph




Snow Chains on KLREven with chains on his KLR, my brother didn’t make it much farther.Roosting up Pinemont Road





We tried several other roads, finally finding one which was being plowed for logging.Snowplow







It was the shortest day of the year and the sun was getting low when we finally selected our tree. It was just far enough off the road you would have to look hard to see it, just close enough that, if you knew what to look for, you could. With Walter’s supervision we adorned it  with ornaments and bells. We celebrated with hot chocolate laced with rum and schnapps.







 Wending our way back down off the ridge we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. South of us, Mt. Hood loomed over the Hood River Valley; to the north, Mt. Adams smiled under a fresh blanket of snow.








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