Mike and Amy and I did a short wander in the Gifford Pinchot, hoping to find some boletes or some late season morels. Aside from a nice flush of Amanita, we got skunked.Trout Lake Tavern







We swung by South Prairie, but Disappearing Lake has gone dry.

















We stopped by where I camped on Lost Creek, but it was too buggy to stay long. The poles we had left set up had all been knocked over. We stayed long enough to lean the shorter ones up in a tree and re-stack the long ones.










After a short stop at Forlorn Lakes we went over to Trout Lake and had dinner We went to the old Trout Lake Tavern, scene of many a wild night a long time used to be.







Now the Trout Lake Country Inn, they serve good food at reasonable prices. It was a trip down memory lane to be in that building again. The dance floor and stage are still the same – if I half closed my eyes and held my head just right I could almost see again Jeff spilling an entire beer into Paul DeLay’s guitar case and Ed scaling the wall of the beergarden with a full pitcher ( he never spilled a drop, stumbled all the way back to camp and fell asleep with it perched on his chest). Good times.


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