Still Living My Best Life

The Writer, Vernon Wade

Vernon Wade is a poet, author and freelancer. He has been published in The Gorge Literary Journal, Dualsport Rider Magazine, Hack’d Magazine, The Sidecarist, ROB Magazine and The Hood River News.

The world fills him with wonder.  When he looks at the sky he is lifted into flights of fancy, when he stares at the earth he is drawn beneath its surface. He is delighted to find the macrocosm and the microcosm equally mesmerizing.

Amy has been gone for three weeks, gone south to California to take care of her mother who is recovering from hip surgery.

Our niece, Tessa, remarked to her: “Uncle Vernon must be living his best life, up there unsupervised.”

“Vernon lives his best life every day, ” Amy replied. “Nothing anyone can do about it.”

I try darlin’, I do try.

Applesauce, cabbage salad, and BBQ beef sandwiches for dinner, followed by gin and tonic in the hot tub under a nearly full moon. Cricket songs float on a warm breeze.

Still living my best life.

Miss you. Hurry home.

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