I have had this little stove for a number of years and it is still my go-to on those rare occasions when I choose to backpack in.

The stove itself weighs 3 ounces and folds up to fit in the palm of my hand. It uses isobutane-propane for fuel. The stove stores in a cloth pocket and nestles in the cavity at the bottom of the gas canister, making for a compact package which takes up almost no room in my rucksack.













It has a large burner for such a small stove. Heat distribution is good and the flame can be adjusted in fine increments by twisting the wire lever. Some reviews complain that the stovetop wobbles at the hinge, but I have never had that problem. In fact, for a canister-top stove, it provides a remarkably stable surface for a cup or small pot.

I haven’t clocked the boil time, but it seems to bring water to a boil reasonably quickly. Last time out, the ambient temperature was well below freezing yet the stove ignited easily and burned without problems. I had a cup of water bubbling in a few minutes and my noodles were cooked and lunch served without delay. If you are looking for an ultralight camp stove, the Optimus Crux is certainly worth your consideration.




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