Ramen noodles are a no-brainer pack food. Cheap, lightweight, quick and easy to prepare, you can eat them right out of the pot and cleanup is fast and effortless.

I like to tart mine up just a little. Adding some oil and vegetables and maybe an egg to the mix doesn’t complicate preparation too much and goes a long way toward rounding out this trail meal. This is how I did it on a recent trip:

Before I left, I sliced off a thin sheet of cauliflower mushroom and sauteed it in olive oil and bacon grease with diced shallot and garlic. I boiled the egg ahead of time, too. I wrapped it up in a waxed paper bag and packed it with the ramen noodles. I threw in a packet of soy sauce and a fortune cookie left over from Chinese take-out.

All I had to do at camp was bring the water to a boil, dump in the noodles, slice in the egg and add the onion, garlic and wild mushroom, mix in the flavoring and a dash of soy sauce, ignoring the pleading eyes of my dog while I ate.

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