Snow Camp!

Tipi glow

The Adventurer, Vernon Wade

Vernon was born in the Pacific Northwest and still lives in the shadow of Mt. Hood, near the small town where he grew up. Vernon has spent decades wandering the hills, hunting mushrooms, camping and riding motorcycles into the remotest nooks and crannies to be found in the region.

A photo essay about our snow camp until we get around to writing a ride report.

Checking the list

tipi loaded and packed

Andy is ready

Ultra-light camping









We were in fresh snow by the time we made Husky Road






Arriving at camp



We had to haul our gear in from the road








Andy excavated about two or three feet of snow before we could set up the tipi

poles up


canvas up






The only reason we made it this far, was they had plowed the road a week ago for a logging show. It had snowed since.

Modern logging, done by machine.

gathering firewood




Walter bringing the firewood back to camp.










Even though the slope was slight, it was hard moving the bikes up it.


Not wanting to risk getting snowed in, we parked the bikes at the top of the hill. This proved to be a good decision.






stoking the fire to heat some water







It snowed most of the night and was snowing still when we got up





The bikes weren’t quite snowed in, but they were covered.










thawing water



icicle on the tipi door








Hippie Mojo

Hippie mojo





Andy making breakfast

melting snow




bacon frying














striking camp

Striking camp




Because there was so much snow on the road, I stashed the poles back in the trees, to retrieve later when the weather cleared.

We hid the poles back in the trees, to pick up when the weather improved








Dragging gear to the bikes

Walter dragging the pulk up the hill to the bikes

Packing up

fitting our ice encrusted gear on the bikes was a jigsaw puzzle







Andy's KLR









boot packing the road so we can get out

Boot packing

We bootpacked about a half-mile of road, down to the headwaters of Rock Creek.




Even so, Andy got stuck

We didn't get far



Walter waiting for us to get unstuck again

I slipped sideways in the ruts and had to struggle to get back on top where I could get some traction









Load up, Walter!

It took us over three hours to get less than two miles. When we reached Fir Mountain Road it was easier going and Walter hopped aboard for the rest of the trip home.


bare road!

We finally reached bare pavement, just past Swyer’s Drive


Heading home







Check List:


12’ Tipi

1 door

1 door pole

liner 3 sections

13 poles (11 minimum)

19 pegs (15 minimum)

4 Pins

tarps – ground cloths and large outside tarp


2 shovels – snow shovel + e tool

1 plank (to cover shit hole)

1 bucket

rope and twine



draw knife


tape measure


Tinder/Firestarter/candles/steel wool

Matches/lighters/fero rod

blow tube




helmet bag

bike cover

chain & hook


kerosene lamp


first aid kit

fire starting kit


sleeping bag

new pad

bivy sack

3 blankets

1 cot

1 chair

Hand soap, moist towlettes, towel, TP

change of socks, shorts, longjohns, wool jacket



rain gear

wool gloves and beany. broad brimmed hat

leather gloves


flashlight x2



canteen x2

camp cup

tea pot


camera with extra battery and phone

battery bank x2

charging cables

  • wear: poly base layer, long johns, synth or wool shirt, sweater, wool pants, wool socks, gortex socks, new boots, gaiters, leathers



water jugs x2


irish cream

hot choc



trail mix




Walter Dog


harness and traces


2 dog bowls


dog canteen


dog blanket

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  1. Andy Davies

    Nice camp…!
    Dog loves his goggles…!

  2. DavePave

    Awesome. Looks like great fun and food.


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