Made in Russia, the Sputnik was originally fit to a 350cc two stroke twin cylinder IZH Planeta, Similar in dimension to the Velorex, the Sputnik is all steel construction with a slightly more robust frame. They superseded the Jupiter model which was very similar but the Jupiter’s nose slides forward instead of hinging upward to provide passenger entry and the trunk was accessed by folding the seat forward.

I had it powder-coated to match the bike and made my own mounts. I bought my Sputnik used but you can still get one from DMC with mounts for your bike. It’s out of production, so if you want one you should snap it up!






























  1. powder-coated  steel body, Rhino Liner interior coat
  2. steel skid plate
  3. DMC sidecar lower mount adapters
  4. Modified nose latch
  5. vertical rack
  6. camera mounts
  7. Amy
  8. light bar
  9. Lucas pattern tail light
  10. rubber-mounted DMC fiberglass fender
  11. Showa coil over shock
  12. Chang Jiang cast wheel
  13. camera bar
  14. luggage rack
  15. RotoPax


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