Throwback Thursday – Big Red

The Adventurer, Vernon Wade

Vernon was born in the Pacific Northwest and still lives in the shadow of Mt. Hood, near the small town where he grew up. Vernon has spent decades wandering the hills, hunting mushrooms, camping and riding motorcycles into the remotest nooks and crannies to be found in the region.

I got a phone call the other night from Ike, the fellow who ended up with my big bore KLR rig. He had some questions about the tail-light wiring. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help him; the tail-light was something Larryboy installed before I swapped bikes with him. It was good, however to hear that the bike was still out there and he was enjoying it. That one was my favorite of the fleet I used when I was teaching sidecar classes.

This video is from WetFest in Skamokawa. I was actually singing that earworm to Amy as we rode back to camp.


Here is a vid from the BlackDog Dualsport Rally in 2008. Robert and I are on Big Red. Monica is driving Amy aboard my other KLR at the time.



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